Ultra Wet Grinder Perfect Plus 2 Liter

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Ultra Wet Grinder Perfect + Features:

  • 150-WATT MOTOR
  • Powerful 150W motor for better grinding
  • Drum size - 7 Inches
  • Stone Assembly Weight - 2.5 Kg
  • Motor Speed (rated load) - 1080 RPM
  • Drum Speed - 135-140 RPM
  • No. 1 selling wet grinder in India, USA and worldwide.
  • Attractive, sleek unit complements any kitchen.
  • Detachable grinding vessel is easy to clean and doubles as storage vessel for fermenting or for storing the left over dough in the refrigerator.
  • The batter cleaning system both reduces the amount of wasted batter and minimizes the effort and stress needed to clean the roller stones.
  • The motor is so quiet you can operate the unit even while talking on the phone.
  • Grinding stone and roller stones will not chip or wear out even after 20 years of use.
  • These grinders are not just multi-purpose but are ideal for multiethnic food preparation.
  • These grinders are ideal to grind the dough for Idli, dosa, vada, dhokla, Puto, maza (for tortillas) etc.
  • The kneader attachment is ideal for kneading the dough for puris, chapathis, parothas, tortillas, breads, pizzas, or for whipping the cream for desserts.

The premium wetgrinder in the market. The 110V version does not come with timer switch.
Prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchy dosas, and Ultra fluffy poories with the ULTRA Perfect+
With the feedback from our large number of ULTRA customers, we have incorporated new features and design improvements into the Perfect+.
Use it to prepare multi ethnic foods.
It is ideal for grinding masa (for tortillas) or for kneading the dough for pizza, bread or even for whipping cream!
Light weight. Sturdy base. Elegant design. Easy to operate.

Elegantly designed, convenient to use

Ultra table top wetgrinders (idli grinders or dosa grinders or wet grinders, granite stone grinders) help you prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchy dosas, and Ultra fluffy pooris with the ULTRA Perfect+! Use Ultra Perfect+ to prepare gourmet foods, and create exotic dishes with ease. You can:
grind masa (for tortillas) instead of using a cumbersome "Stone y Mano"
prepare puto (a Filipino delicacy)
make noodles and rice sticks without the manual Chinese "mo"
knead the dough for pizza, bread, cake, or even whipping cream!
prepare Chatta Mari - Nepalese delicacy which is similar to dosa.

Quality and Performance

  • Ultra Perfect+ is a sleek table top wetgrinder (idli grinders or dosa grinders or wet grinders). It is so sleek and light weight that you feel preparing idli dosa batter is a child's play.
  • You've Never Seen Anything Like it Before! The ULTRA Perfect+ makes batter or dough preparation fast and easy. Make a little or a lot -- the stainless steel drum can grind from one and a half a cups to eight cups of soaked grains.
  • The powerful 110V motor is made for the Indian-American kitchen and is designed to run continuously for at least twenty minutes.
  • Replace cumbersome Stone Metate y Mano with electric stone grinder without compromising the taste.

Wet Grinder is one of the oldest existing Indian kitchen appliances.
It facilitates the process of the grounding grains & lentils into fine blended paste.

From a hard rock stone to a light weight smart tilting & table top
wet grinders was a revolutinary tool for the Indian woman for the
traditional recipe in their kitchen.

It was the perfect gift for the passiante Indian mothers &
home makers who use to handle heavy stone for grinding food

It made a huge impact in the Indian restaurants industry with
the usage of commerical grinders, where they were able to
serve delicious Dosa's & Idli's in less than half the time.

  • Item Weight - 38 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions - LxWxH 15 x 15 x 20 inches
  • Package Dimensions - 22.48 x 15.43 x 14.61 inches
  • Item Weight - 39.6 pounds