Cello Hotpot Casseroles 2500ml to 1750ml

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Cell Hot Pots Features:
The Cello Hot Pot2500 ml to 17500 ml casseroles*/Hot Food Server are offered in the following capacities :( inside storage capacities) 2000, 3500 6000 ml
The standard design is a round and circular one and oval shapes are being introduced

Cello Casserole/Hot Food Server is a totally stainless steel capsulated appliance for the preservation of the cooked foods. It is a table/serving/storing ware with insulation provision to control for a reasonable length of time any heat/cold transfer from inside to outside and vice versa

Cello Hot Pot 2500 ml to 17500 ml is made out of AISI 304 -18/8 quality stainless steel of the international standard with mirror polished interiors and exteriors. The Cello 2500 ml to 17500 ml thermal insulation is affected with polymerized generated foaming technique that ensures total filling. This Cello Hot Pot 2500 ml to 17500 ml insulation is not only done to the body of the casserole/Hot Food Server and also to the lid.

Avaiable sizes:
  • 2500 ml 2.5 Litre 2.27Qt
  • 3500 ml 3.5 Litre 3.09 Qt
  • 5000 ml 5 Litre 4.54 Qt
  • 7500 ml 7.5 Litre 6.81Qt
  • 10000 ml 10 Litre 9.08 Qt
  • 13500 ml 13.5 Litre 12.26Qt
  • 17500 ml 17.5 Litre 15.89Qt
About Our Cello Hot Pots:
  • Cello Hot Pots Casseroles: The standard design is a round and circular one.
  • Cello Hot Pots Casseroles Available Capacity: 2500 ml to 17500 ml casserole
  • Cello Hot Pots: Insulation between two walls, to keep food hot or cool for longer time
  • Cello Hot Pots: Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended
  • Cello Hot Pots: 3 Layer System - Outer layer is made up of Plastic with Decoration,
  • Middle insulation Layer is made of thick PUF Insulation material & Inner layer is a Stainless steel container.
  • Cello Hot Pots: Very easy to clean & store
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