Indian mixer grinder Butterfly Pebble 600 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder 110 volts online usa

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Indian mixer grinder Butterfly Pebble 600 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder 110 volts online usa 

Salient Features:

  • Ergonomically desgined body made of shock proof ABS body
  • A sturdy 600 watts motor that helps to grind faster
  • Micro balanced rotor for low noice and efficient performance
  • Automatic overloaded cut-off facility for motor protection
  • Exclusively desgined 3 Stainless steel jars and with fixed blades for different application
  • Special grade Nylon couplers that grip the firmly and withstand enormous strain
  • 3 Speed control knob with whip
  • Most Hygienic
  • Easy to handle and easy to clean
Safety Precaution:
  • Read all the instruction carefully and be thoroughly familiar with your mixer grinder before use
  • Do not place the mixer grinder on or near the hot gas burner or electric hot plate
  • Do not fix or remove the jar while the motor is running
  • Do not run the mixer grinder without fixing the lid properly
  • Do not run the mixer grinder with the damaged wire cord
  • Do not let the wire cord to come in contact with any hot object
  • Do not lift the mixer grinder by wire cord, to protect against electrical hazards, do not immense base, plug wire cord in water or any other liquid
  • The blades are sharp so handle them with care, keep them out of reach from children
  • Ensure disconnection from mains before cleaning and when not in use
  • Close Supervision is necessaary when your mixer grinder is used when children around
How to use Stainless Steel Jars:
Every stainless steel jar is provided with the induvial blade assembly fitted to the shaft located inside the jar. It is also provided with seperate lid and rubbering

Place the jar in such a way that the locking ribs fits into the slot in mounting cover of your mixer grinder and turn clockwise to lock the jar in place
  • Ensure that the jar is absloutely clean before use
  • Ensure the rubber ring is fitted securely in the lid before before covering the jar
  • Ensure that the jar shaft rotates smoothly
  • Use different jars for different operations
How to use Stainless Steel Jars:
Wet Grinding Uses: Wet Griding of coconut chutney, dal paste for vada, bonda
              Capacity: Min- Upto blade level
                             Max- 1/2 jar

Dry Grinding Uses: Dry Grinding of dry spices, raw rice, pepper, red chillies, roasted coffe seeds, dhania (corainder) etc....
              Capacity: Min- Upto blade level
                             Max- 1/2 jar

Mixer Mate Jar: This small stainless steel jar is ideally suited for grinding small quantites of daily requirements. it is convenient for gringing chutney, masala, roasted coffee seeds, pepper, red chillies, coconut, ginger, raw rice, dhania, channa dal, green chillies, cashews etc....
                 Capacity: Min- 500gms
                                Max- 100 gms
Indian mixer grinder Butterfly Pebble 600 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder 110 volts online usa 
Technical Specification:
Product - Domestic Elecric Food Mixer
Model - Pebble
Voltage - 120V AC,
Watts - 600 W
Protection - Class 2
Insulation - class F
Rating - 30 minutes
Motor - 600 Watts
Normal Load - 450gms raw rice
Speed Control - No load speed 17000 to 20000rpm
Switch plus whipper/ inching control
Flexible cord - PVC insulated cable 1.5 meter long approx
Jars - Big jar, Medium jar, Mixer mate jar
Weight - 3.4 kg
Carton size - 355*205*345mm

Place your mixer grinder at a convential height, so that you can operate easily
  • Keep your mixer grinder away from heat and direct sunlight
  • Always ON your mixer grinder at the specified voltage
  • Before first use and after long non-usage, ensure that the shaft rotates smoothly
  • Apply oil on the jar shaft to avoid friction and sound from the jar while running
  • Avoid filling or cleaning jars by hands It is safier and hygienic to use the spatula or a spoon
  • After use clean the jars and keep them ready for future use
  • Operating time and speed setting of the mixer grinder is operating mixer grinder is desgined for continous operation of 5 minutes after that you need to switch OFF for 2 minutes before going for next cycle in all speeds
  • Do not ON the mixer grinder without load
  • Do not ON the mixer grinder without fixing the lid properly
  • Do not allow children to handle your mixer grinder
  • Do not burden motor with loads heavier than that of specified in this manual
  • Never place a thin plastic sheet or cloth under the base unit it may result in blocking of the ventilation at the base
  • Do not store ingredients in the jar Empty the contents to another containers on completion of the grinding
  • Do not attempt to repair the mixer grinder at home or unauthorised service centre other than Butterfly
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