Butterfly Elektra 5 Jar Food Processor and Mixer Grinder, 550 Watt USA 110V

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Butterfly Elektra 5 Jar Food Processor and Mixer Grinder, 550 Watt USA 110Volt

Elevate your culinary experience with the Butterfly Magnum Mixer Grinder. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this mixer grinder features a robust 550 Watts motor crafted with 100% copper, ensuring durability and powerful performance. Its versatile functionality allows you to easily grind tough ingredients to a fine powder, paste, or batter.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with the Butterfly Magnum Mixer Grinder, delivering superior performance and convenience for all your culinary endeavors.

  • 5 Unique Jars

Equipped with 5 jars designed for grinding, juicing, and food processing, catering to all your culinary needs.

  • Smart Grind & Store Jar

Grind and store spices with ease, ensuring freshness and instant usage.

  • Multipurpose Storage Containers

Includes 2 extra small plastic containers for versatile storage options.

  • Dedicated Speed Levels

Features dedicated speed levels for food processing, ensuring optimum output at varying speeds.

  • Food Processor Attachments

Comes with various attachments for atta kneading, slicing, grating, chopping, whipping, and citrus juicing.

  • Hands-free Operations

Jar lid locking mechanism enables hands-free operation for added convenience.

  • Wider Drain Area

Facilitates easy cleaning with a wider drain area, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

  • Stainless Steel Jars

Includes 0.5L small jar, 1L medium jar, and 1.5L big jar made from durable stainless steel.

  • Polycarbonate Juicer Jar

Features a polycarbonate juicer jar for efficient juicing tasks. This extractor facilitates maximum extraction of juices, coconut milk, and various other related things

  • Food Processor Jar with Versatile Attachments

Equipped with food processor attachments for atta kneading, slicing, grating, designer slicing, chopping, whipping, and citrus juicing, offering unparalleled versatility in food preparation.

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