Amirthaa ACE 1.25 Liter Wet Grinder 110 V Countertop Indian Wet Grinder Online USA

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Amirthaa ACE 1.25 Liter Wet Grinder110 V  countertop indian wet grinder online usa
Amrithaa 1.25 litres -110 volts comes with atta kneader attachment

Atta Kneader:
This ensures kneadingto the right consistency making your chappatis, puris, parottaa and rotis fluffier and tastier than ever before.

Instrustion to use:
  • Remove the roller stones and fix the atta kneader
  • Rub a little oil on the side of the drum and over the kneader
  • Proceed to lock the arm and feed 400g of flour through the opening
  • Add salt to taste along withn the little water
  • Switch on the appliance
  • Trickle the water until the right consistency is obtained
  • Throughly clean and dry the kneader
  • Use a spoon to scrape any doughthat is stuck
Prevents the wastage of dough and facilitates easy cleaning after use

Coconut Scraper:
This ensures even shredding of coconuts for addition to curries and chuttneys, giving you consistencyin foem and taste

Instrustion to use:
  • Remove the steel drum from the base
  • Wipe and clean the plate before placing at the base
  • Fix the coconut scraper securely to the driving system
  • Switch on the appliance
  • Hold one half of the coconut against the scraper
  • Ensure that there is no coconut bits stuck in the corners after use
  • Detach the scraper and lift the plate
  • Throughly clean and dry the scraper
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