Vinod Hot Casserole Hot Pack - 3 pcs

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Vinod Casserole (Hot pack) Features:
  • Vinod Casserole (Hot pack) - 3 pcs - 2500, 3500, 5000 ml
  • Vinod Casserole (Hot pack) Stainless steel - Great Quality - Keeps food warmer longer awesome for gifts
Vinod Casserole Insulation:
VINOD Casserole Set are insulated with International Standard Polyurethane for efficient heat retention. Superior Insulation Ensures that the food remains hot/cold for long hours.

Vinod Casserole HYGIENE:
Special emphasis been laid on hygiene in the design of this product. The inner container and lid, which come in contact with food are free from any joints or crevices wherein the food can collect. With its wide mouth, it is easy to wash and clean like any other utensil that you have at home.

Vinod Casserole NUTRITION:
Since Superior Insulation keeps food hot for several hours, you need not reheat food again & again. This ensures that there is no loss of vitamins and your food is nutritious. You also save on fuel costs.

Vinod Casserole USE:
VINOD Stainless Steel Casserole Set is ideal for serving hot items like vegetables, steamed rice or pulao, soups and cold items like desserts, custard etc. It can also be used as an Ice Bucket.

Do not keep your Stainless Steel Hot Casserole on or near fire.
Do not try to separate inner stainless steel bowl from outer body.

Wash in warm, soapy water, NOT in boiling water.
For Best Results, Please fill piping hot food in Casserole.

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