SPECTRA 65 Chocolate Melanguer

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SPECTRA Melanger 65 Chocolate Melanguer
SPECTRA Melanger with Electronic Speed Controller (Available in 220-240 Volts only)

SPECTRA 65 Chocolate Melanguer Features :
  • Long, trouble free operation. Uses GEAR DRIVE for heavy duty operation.
  • High grade rust proof Stainless steel drum with Stainless steel parts inside
  • Motor does not get overheated even under long and heavy use
  • Tilting feature lets you to tilt the entire unit for easy removal of contents and easy cleaning.
  • Real Black Granite Stone is used to prevent chipping or thinning and long life
SPECTRA 65 Chocolate Melanguer Specifications :
  • Input voltage: 220 Volts Single phase supply only, 1 HP motor. Comes standards with electronic speed controller and MCB protection.
  • Empty Full Drum Volume - Approximately 16 inches deep and 16 inches diameter (50 Litres). Actual usable volume is less.
  • Weight - Approximate 600 lbs, Dimensions LBH - 32 x 26 x 48 inches
  • Rotation of drum at maximum speed is approximately 130 RPM
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