Stainless Steel Coconut Opener Tool

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Stainless Steel Coconut Opener Tool:
  • SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW FAVORITE COCONUT OPENING TOOL! You can finally forget about spending your precious time trying to safely and easily open a young coconut to enjoy its fresh and delicious water; with our opener you are able to do so in NO TIME!
  • DRINK YOUR COCO-WATER EFFORTLESSLY! Unlike your usual chunky knife or drilling tool, our deluxe coconut opener has a steady, comfortable grip that was specially ground in order t o be safer for your hands as well; talk about many birds with one stone!
  • DESIGNED TO LAST YOUR FOR MANY YEARS! Made from the highest end quality stainless and under strict quality controls, this coconut opening utensil is bound to withstand the daily wear and tear and last you for many years of use!
  • OFFER YOUR LOVED ONES A DIFFERENT GIFT! Instead of your usual wine opener or fruit punch bowl as housewarming gifts, you can now offer an exquisite piece of kitchen equipment that smells of exotic forests and exclusive tastes!
  • 5.EASY 1-2-3 Operation = 1.PUSH * 2.TWIST * 3.DRINK. PUSH - Push the tool through the soft husk at the top of the young drinking coconut. TWIST - Twist/push/twist the tool cutting through the thin coconut shell. Apply downward pressure. DRINK - The tool will cut into the coconut.
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